Montreal Beau
Montreal Beau
Montreal Beau
Montreal Beau - Deep Chestnut, 604

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604 - Le Valentin Montreal Beau - An Apple Blossom Brown Rust a very pretty chestnut shade complementing to every skin tone

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Product Description

What it is: 

Rule and write your Canadian mood with the classic bold no-transfer lippie with a limited edition shade of our cult-favorite Ultra-Stay Liquid Matte Lipstick. Full-bodied smooth, no bleed, no smudge matte lips for up to 18 hours! Mold your lips and accentuate your lip shape! Use the pointy precise applicator to mold your lips starting from the corners of your lips – finishing in the middle and the outer line of your lips then fill-in for full-bodied smooth matte lips. Let it dry for 60-90 seconds and reapply if you feel like loading up with more fun. Enjoy each formula in colors inspired by cities of Canada – A rosy yam raspberry in shade Vancouver Chik, A Rusty Brown like the romantic old town of Montreal in shade Montreal Beau , A delightful crispy evening at Calgary in cherrywood in the shade  Calgary Belle and Like the rocking Toronto day a muted pink in the shade Toronto Bae.

Formulation type: 

Lipstick, Liquid Lipstick, Lip Stain, Lip Mousse, Hydrating Lip Colour

How to apply:

Use the pointy precise applicator to draw outline hugging your lips, starting from the outer corners and then fill-in for full-bodied smooth matte lips.


No crack, no fade, no smudge and absolutely NO TRANSFER for up to 18 hours!

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